Anti Gravity Inventions of the past 100 years or so

Here is a list of the most prominent and successful anti gravity inventors of the past 100 years or so. Each of these inventors has built and successfully tested their anti gravity machines. If you are wondering why anti gravity technology is not currently in use today, the main reason is that no one could duplicate the machines of these brilliant inventors. However many people are currently working on duplicating the inventions of these inventors.

Each link below brings you to a very in depth look (which includes pictures) of all of the inventor's inventions that deal with anti gravity.

John Worrell Keely-Successfully rendered objects weighing up to 500 pounds absolutely weightless. He is our favorite anti gravity inventor, due to his immense success with his amazing anti gravity technologies.

John Hutchison- Succesfully rendered objects weightless using sound and high frequencies.

Edward Leedskalnin -Successfully moved Extremely heavy stone sculptures without the use of heavy machinery. He did so with his own anti gravity technology. He claimed that he knew how the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.

Viktor Schauberger -Successfully built machines which copy nature's motion. His devices produced "anti gravity lift". This propulsion lift can be used to either lift vertically or forwards of backwards if applied properly. His machines were very powerful.

T. Townsend Brown -Successfully built an electrogravitic propulsion device.