Anti Gravity Toys and gadgets

Anti Gravity Toys and gadgets

The new LEVITRON top - for the new Millennium. This deluxe version of the new SUPER LEVITRON features a high-tech, flying saucer look. The advanced design includes adjustable legs for ease in leveling the device. An instructional CD-ROM is included with each LEVITRON DELUXE PLATINUM EDITION TOP.

The LEVITRON has been called the best new science toy in a generation - by members of the American Association of Physics Teachers, and it is theperfect gift for the person that has everything.

Spin the top - and watch it float! The Levitron spins and surfs on magnetic waves! Pass your hand above, underneath, and around the top. It will continue to spin and float only touching air! The LEVITRON floats free in space, supported only by the repelling magnetic force produced by permanent magnets(no batteries required!). A scientific theorem, that was advanced over a century ago, states that this is impossible - yet this amazing top levitates right before your eyes! You must see it to believe it! To buy the Levitron just go to

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