Anti Gravity Technology Tour!

There are many other historical and ancient sites that suggest anti gravity was used in the past. One of those is Easter Island. On this island gigantic stone sculptures can be found of giant heads, some with massive stone hats on top. These stone sculptures weigh sever thousands of pounds. To lift one of these statues today would require some of the biggest cranes on the planet. The rocks from which they were created were dug out in rock deposits very far away from where they are. So how did they transport them. The obvious answer is anti gravity technology. How else could a very ancient civilisation move such massive blocks of stone. One other very important clue about Easter Island is that the people who lived in these times on Easter Island were called The Bird Tribe. Maybe because they could fly like birds. That is the most probable logical answer when you look at all the evidence.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the massive statues impossible to lift.

Here are some rock carvings showing the bird tribe people. It isn't the best picture, if you want to see it closer up I suggest you search for a better picture in books or online.

Now that we have established that there were obviously advanced technologies on Earth a very long time ago. It is safe to assume that we too can create anti gravity technologies. Propulsion systems which can enable us to visit far away planets and galaxies. Technology that can allow humans to soar through the air weightless and unencumbered.