Anti Gravity Technology Tour!

Another very interesting set of massive ancient drawings are found in Peru. The Nazca Lines can only be properly viewed from high up in the air by helicopter or airplane. Why would these massive drawings of animals, birds, pyramids, and insects have been drawn on such a massive scale? The Answer, they were drawn with ancient technological devices, the purpose of drawing them was so that other visitors from far away planets would be able to see them from high up in the sky. The Nazca Lines are very well drawn, they are very precise. People on the ground could not have drawn these lines with such precision, unless they had advanced measuring technologies. They are very massive, researchers are puzzled as to how they were drawn, some bold researchers have put forth theories which don't stand on very firm ground.

I think they were drawn to show other visitors to our planet some of the creatures that live on our planet. That seems like the logical purpose for these drawings. Remember some of these drawings are so large that they cover over 1 mile. Another amazing feature of these lines is that many of them are drawn with only 1 line that doesn't end, it is a continous line. These landscape artists surely had some anti gravity crafts to see these pictures from above. Here is another drawing of a person, which may or may not be made in the image of a human. Notice his big eyes.

This is a very massive drawing, it may look small in the picture but it isn't. Here is a picture of a spider, notice how very well drawn it is. It covers a lot of ground, for someone on the ground to draw something so massive with accuracy is even a formidable task for modern day people. Of course we would be able, but we have advanced technology. People thousands of years ago were not supposed to have great technology like us.

Notice this picture of pyramids and other geometrical drawings. There are hundreds of these lines and geometrical shapes drawn onto several square miles in Nazca. Were some of these lines actual runways for flying crafts. At this point no one is completely sure. Here is another picture which features lines that are completely straight and span for hundreds of feet. How in the world would ancient peoples be able to draw completely straight lines that span kilometres, no researchers can properly explain how they did this. The must have had technology which enabled them to do this.

Here is a picture of a pyramid like structure which is very straight and spans for very long and wide. An impossible feat without technology.