Introducing the Cypardon Gyroscopic Anti Gravity Machine

Introducing the Cypardon Gyroscopic Anti Gravity Machine

Each page of this section contains information on anti gravity devices or machines that are currently in use or being tested.

The Cypardon is said to look like the picture on the left. It uses Gyroscopes as it's method of reducing it's weight and therefore classifies it as an anti gravity machine. AFTER 44 YEARS a Welsh engineer has demonstrated before 20 qualified people that the CYPARDON can lose weight and obey the laws of Newton, Euler and the Vector Cross Product. The Cypardon website claims that using their technology you can reach the moon in only 6 hours, and you can reach Mars in 70 hours. That is a dramatic reduction in time compared to the time it would currently take Nasa to reach these 2 places.

There is not a lot of information available on the Cypardon website concerning the mechanics, that is unless you pay for it. They sell their manual showing more details on Mechanics for only $12 so it isn't too expensive.

The basic machine uses 10 gyros but it is crude and needs better designing. The losses are very small, just friction and windage.

Batteries with a small generator will be suitable to power the anti gravity machine. Since 90% of every horse power can be used for uplift, travel in the mesosphere will be swift, silent and economical.