Anti Gravity Machines, Devices, Anti Gravity Propulsion, Anti Gravity ResearchAnti Gravity Machines, Devices, Anti Gravity Propulsion, Anti Gravity Research

The main reason for this website is because we are convinced that anti gravity is possible. Like every natural phenomenon Gravity must have an opposite reaction. Just like Heat-Cold, Soft-Hard, Positive electric charge-Negative electric charge. North pole on magnet, south pole on Magnet. Dark-Light, Up-Down.

The many useful things to be done with anti gravity technology are numerous. For one we could build flying crafts that are weightless on the Earth's atmosphere, making propulsion much easier. Another important use is to render very heavy objects weightless, making it easier to transport.

With anti-gravity technology the elderly and handicapped could "float around" without trouble, they would be weightless therefore they could get around much easier and they would literally lose their old age discomforts and handicaps.

With Global Warming obviously now affecting us, in the next 20 or 30 years or so when our planet will be too hot to live in, we could use anti gravity technology and anti gravity propulsion to explore space much more adequately and find suitable planets to migrate to.

Here is a link to an interesting new technology we recently discovered through our anti gravity research. It can create free electricity, you can even power your home with this device.

If you already know that anti gravity technology is possible, then we suggest you take a look at Anti Gravity Inventions that were built in the last 100 years or so. In this section we focus on all the anti-gravity machines that were successfully built and tested.

If you are already familiar with the anti gravity inventions of the past, we suggest you visit our Current Anti Gravity Inventions page. We showcase the most recent developments in anti gravity technology.

We also recommend you take our Anti-Gravity Tour which shows you ancient landmarks and structures around the world that were most definitely built with an anti gravity device. Take the Tour.

We also focus on perpetual motion machines on this web site. Perpetual motion is a motion in which the machine moves or operates forever without any battery or electric source. This motion is not only possible unlike what today's backward's scientific community says. It has been completed by some, and machines have been built, nature gives us examples of this endless motion in tornados and other natural processes such as water flow, the constant and never ending Earth's rotation and more. We need to copy these processes of nature into our machines.

Anti Gravity is coming back to our modern times through the help of inventors around the world trying their very best to make anti gravity a reality. You can order books on Anti-gravity by David Hatcher Childress on the internet, they will help you learn about Anti Gravity and how flying saucers and other antigravity devices can be made possible.